Paris - Jet Black - Waist trainer + Waist trainer extender

Paris - Jet Black - Waist trainer + Waist trainer extender

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Párizs - Éjfekete - XXS
Párizs - Éjfekete - XXS
Waist trainer extender normal - Jet black - OneSize
Waist trainer extender normal - Jet black - OneSize

The package contains:

  • 1 pcs Legal Beauty Paris waist trainer in a selected size and colour
  • 1 pcs waist trainer extender
  • 1 pcs Legal Beauty measuring tape
  • 1 pcs gift box

Our Paris waist trainer's lining is made of hypoallergenic cotton and 100% natural latex on the outside.
To wear this waist cincher is definitely recommended to get back and lower back pain relief. It reduces stress in the back, also improves posture and enhances the body’s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy shape.
Paris waist trainer is also good to get rid of post-pregnancy belly or for most sports and workouts.
Seven steel bonings ensure strong support for the lower back.
Tiny steel hooks to fine tune tightening in three sizes. Paris is comfortable to wear under your outfit.
Our Paris waist trainer comes with a free Legal Beauty measuring tape. Delivered to you in an exclusive gift box.

We highly recommend to wear either high waist briefs or a lightweight cotton tank top under a waist trainer after a C-section or a freshly executed abdominal surgery. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional. Do not use any waist trainer or corset during pregnancy!


Our Waist trainer extender is a very practical accessory, which is specifically essential to those dedicated to their weight loss journey, and to those who are expected to lose a great amount of belly fat in a short period of time. 
The waist trainer extender is recommended to everyone, who aims to lose a great amount of excess weight in a short period of time, or to those who are between two sizes and are afraid that they will slim down too soon for the bigger size, or to those who just gave birth and will possibly lose a lot from their waist circumference fast.

Our corset trainer extender is useful, if your size is temporarily not available in our webshop. Order a size smaller and by using the waist trainer extender, it will suit you flawlessly. This way you can also save money, because as you lose weight and your waistline becomes slimmer, you just adjust the waist trainer extender, so that you do not need to purchase a new waist trainer.

Which products does the normal waist trainer extender suit?

In colour Jet black:

  • Paris – Jet black waist trainer
  • Los Angeles – Jet black waist trainer

In colour Toffee cream:

  • Paris – Toffee cream waist trainer

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