Hawaii slimming sauna bodysuit + London sports belt

Hawaii slimming sauna bodysuit + London sports belt

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London - Neon orange - S
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Hawaii - Jet black - XS




Our latest Hawaiian slimming sauna bodysuits were created in such a way that they are comfortable to wear during all forms of movement, but they also burn effectively and maximize the beneficial effects of training, ensuring optimal heat retention.

The material is very flexible and makes you sweat extremely efficiently, it helps speed up your metabolism and burn calories and expel water.

Thanks to its overall cut, it targets the arms, full back, stomach and thighs at the same time.

If you want to achieve an even better and faster effect, you can complement the bodysuit with any of our sports belts. You don't have a sports belt yet, but would you like to get a new one? Among our package offers, you can even buy the two together at a discounted price.

The bottom part is made of a unique, thick, but extra flexible material, which can also be worn comfortably by those with a larger bust or BBL.


  • Machine washable, but only in a laundry bag and on a cold hand wash program.
  • It is important that it cannot be dried in a tumble dryer.

The fine material of our London sports belt with a waistband ensures a comfortable wear, but at the same time it makes you sweat thanks to its heat-generating properties, thus promoting the burning of fat, the removal of cellulite and toxins.

The shaping on the back is supported by 4 elastic plastic braces, which are responsible for the ideal posture and for relieving the burden on the waist during sports or even during everyday wear.

In our London sports belt, instead of clips, velcro makes it easier to put them on and take them off. The strong velcro of the extra waist-narrowing strap provides an even more stable hold and makes you visibly slimmer immediately.

The main task of our London sports belt is to improve posture and relieve the waist, so minor injuries can easily be avoided. Unlike the London sports belt, the Alaska sauna belt does not have stiffeners, so it does not support your waistline; its main function is sweating and detoxification by increasing extra heat production.It will be delivered in a unique gift box.

Following a Caesarean section delivery, or after recent abdominal surgery, buy high-waisted panties or a thin cotton top under the sports belt, or ask your doctor for advice. Do not use sports belts or corsets during pregnancy!

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