Tokyo - Breathable Waist Trainer - Jet black - 4XL


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High-porosity breathable shapewear for all kinds of sports and workout. Cozy wear for everyday use in summer. Cotton lining with 100% latex outside.



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We pack our products in silk bags and silk ribbons with a logo on them, then put them in a gift box. Therefore, it is also a perfect choice as a gift.
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Our Tokyo breathable waist trainer composes of 100% latex with micro holes from the outside, and hypoallergenic cotton lining from the inside, that is non-irritating neither for the most sensitive skin.

Ideal all day wear either in summer or for sports. It helps mothers to return to their pre-pregnancy shape after childbirth, to assist in abdominal muscles retraction (diastasis recti) as well as to restore their healthy postures.

Tokyo waist trainer has got an immediate slimming effect right from the very first moment. Seven steel bonings provide strong support for the lower back. Tokyo breathable waist trainer can be tightened or loosened between 3 different sizes thanks to its adjustable hook and eye closure.

Our Tokyo breathable waist trainer comes in a silk bag including a free Legal Beauty measuring tape.

We highly recommend to wear either high waist briefs or a lightweight cotton tank top under a waist trainer after a C-section or a freshly executed abdominal surgery. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional. Do not use any waist trainer or corset during pregnancy!

MaterialNatural latex, Cotton
OtherFlexible spiral steel boning, Lingerie
Size chart
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