Paris long torso - Waist Trainer - Toffee cream - S

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This is one of our most popular and effective long torso style products: it can be used to fix posture, for spinal problems and figure-shaping after childbirth as well. It's a combination of cotton and latex.

Color: Toffee cream

Paris long torso - Toffee cream - S

Size: S

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Paris - Long torso waist trainer has got long style, that is ideal for the taller woman with longer torsos.

Our Paris waist trainer's lining is hypoallergenic cotton and 100% natural latex on the outside.
To wear this waist cincher is definitely recommended for back and lower back pain relief. It reduces loads on the back, also improves posture and shape.
Paris waist trainer is also good to get rid of post-pregnancy belly or for most sports and workouts.

Seven steel bonings ensure strong support for the lower back.
Tiny steel hooks to fine tune tightening in three sizes and also for invisible cozy wear under any dress.
Our Paris waist trainer comes in a silk bag including a free Legal Beauty measuring tape. Delivered to you in an exclusive gift box.
We highly recommend to wear either high waist briefs or a lightweight cotton tank top under a waist trainer after a C-section or a freshly executed abdominal surgery. If in doubt, please consult with your doctor, or other qualified health care professional. Do not use any waist trainer or corset during pregnancy!

Please note that our elongated products are 35cm long, so only order them if you have actually measured them and need this length back and forth. The elongated product, if you don’t need it, will press the bottom line of your breasts or the top of your buttocks or your thighs while sitting, so it can be uncomfortable and confusing.

MaterialNatural latex, Cotton, Spandex
OtherFlexible spiral steel boning, Lingerie
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