Helsinki - Sauna vest - Bubblegum pink - XXS

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Zip vest providing more intensive sweating. Made of neoprene material.

Color: Bubblegum pink

Helsinki - Bubblegum pink - XXS

Size: XXS

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Helsinki sauna vest is made of neoprene material, 100% latex-free. Neoprene is a soft, comfortable material that generates heat, so it makes you break more sweat, and it also enhances fat burning.

The lace straps on the vest are really elegant and easily adjustable. The zip vest fits well to the body, so it can be worn hidden under your outfit.

High quality neoprene enhances heat generation,makes you sweat more, helps you lose weight and draws toxins out of your body.

It is ideal to detox and to enhance the effectiveness of cardio exercises. You can also use Helsinki sauna vest while cleaning, gardening and doing other chores, including physical labor as well, as it keeps your lower back warm, helps to generate heat and enhances fat burning.

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